Efficient Living

A Guide

By Brian Dolan

I work as and tend to think like an engineer, placing a high value on efficiency.  Below are some habits that I have formed over the years, which I think can be of value to others.

  1. Only take the trash out if you have some other reason to leave your apartment.
  2. Only get gas for your car if you have some other reason to be driving by a gas station.
  3. Always shop online rather than in person to save on gas and time, and to avoid meeting any new people.
  4. Never throw anything away – put it out on Craigslist for free so that someone else can use it.
  5. Spend money only when absolutely necessary.  For example, if at a nice restaurant, do not order the steak. Get the pasta.
  6. When making iced tea from a powder mix, you can avoid using a spoon and thereby taking up unnecessary space in the dishwasher. First, put the iced tea mix into the pitcher. Then, put a very small amount of water into the pitcher. Then swizzle around the water and powder until it forms a small amount of homogenous sludge. Next, put the remaining amount of necessary water into the pitcher and swirl around some more.
  7. Avoid making yourself dinner and use only frozen meals. This saves on time and dishes.
  8. When you need to replace something that is old or broken, delay as long as possible. For example, your computer. If this is done many times throughout your lifetime, in the end, you will have bought less computers, overall.
  9. Do not allow useless junk to pile up around your apartment. This way, when it comes time to move, you will not have to get rid of that junk at the last minute, or worse yet, move it. But, don’t ever move. That would be inefficient.
  10. Don’t ever buy soda. Aside from making you fat, it costs more than water. Plus, you have to carry it from your car up to your apartment.
  11. If you are making tacos, and you have an old, gross tomato, do not buy a new, better tomato. The old one will do, and you already paid for it. Also, don’t bother to make tacos.
  12. You can get more work done at work if you don’t take a lunch break. Just keep working.
  13. If you have lots of money in the bank, don’t spend it. Just keep it in the bank.
  14. Avoid personal conversations at work. These take time away from your ability to work. If you end up in a personal conversation where the other person is talking, use that time to think about the topics that are important to you.

I believe that these simple tips from my own lifestyle can help you to lead a happy, fulfilling life, and put you on the path to becoming an amiable older gentleman.


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